Thursday, December 3, 2009

tales of the city.

this new project from my lovely ladies bryn and caroline is all kinds of awesome. anyone who lives in bk or nyc knows the feelings of intense devotion they inspire. wouldn't it be nice if that were a two-way street? these totes and prints are like little love letters to this amazing place we call home. and the best part? spoon me love me's got big plans so i'll bet a well-designed shoutout to your town is somewhere on the horizon. oh, and did i mention they'll be at the craftacular? yeah, with like 6,000 of your closest friends so i sure hope you can make it.
psst! wanna know who that dapper flannel and killer beard belong to? here's a lil' hint.

1 comment:

Every Little Counts said...

so excited for the craftacular! and now that i am back to being a brooklyn resident, i may need to get some of this spooning action. who doesn't love spooning?


ps..come say hi to us...we'll be in the far right corner:)