Wednesday, August 11, 2010

feather your nest.

pretty sure my wall needs one of these way pretty prints from the wild unknown that heather recently alerted me to. also, any site called the wild unknown gets immediate love from me.

just dreamy.

my snoozer loser winona dress has been on heavy rotation this summer so i can't wait to add a few of their fall pieces to my wardrobe. i mean, these prints!!

and what about this necklace?!? it's epic.
this blouse might be my fave.
but i am a SUCKER for a jumpsuit. true story.
the best part about snoozer loser is that a couple of months ago i had the good fortune of interviewing sonia, the gal behind the line, and she is rad as rad can be (and by rad i mean she spends her weekends on a commune upstate, does a ton of the dying and printing herself, is super sweet, quick to laugh, and tends to send you home with gifts like a crazy bananas necklace that she took right off her own neck and put on mine. i died.). don't you love knowing your favorite outfits were made by someone with talented hands and a wonderful heart? yeah, me too.

Monday, August 9, 2010

i'll wear what you're wearing.

spotted this polish couple on matching outfits never looked so good!

via thewholehole

Thursday, August 5, 2010

a kiss about palm trees speeding by...

i'm kind of obsessed with francesca lia block's weetzie bat. and i have been since i devoured it way way way way way back in 1990. i remember reading about the book's awesomeness in sassy magazine and making my dad take me to the library so i could check it out. it has stayed with me ever since. so it goes without saying that i am also kind of obsessed with this weetzie-inspired photo shoot that the wildfox girls just did. (which totally has flb's blessing, btw.) i have the sudden urge to drive down sunset in a 1965 t-bird and eat an oki-dog and dig my toes in the sand by the sea and have magical shangri-l.a. adventures. soon. soon!

Friday, July 30, 2010

the city of letterly love.

i love words. and that means i also love letters. and the letters i love the very most are those created by jessica hische, the gal behind the daily drop cap phenomenon. if i were in philly right now, i'd be heading straight over to my very favorite old city shop (art in the age!) for the opening of her letterpressed drop caps show. if you're not in philly either, you can get a little peek at the show above, or just feast your eyes on the letters below. i want them all.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

good wood.

oh, hey, wow, it's been awhile, huh? i'm pretty sure time moves at warp speed during the summer, but that may just be due to the brain freeze a constant diet of popsicles, shaved ice, and soft serve has afflicted me with. plus, my laptop burns like the dickens which i truly appreciate in the cold winter months (it's like a little lap warmer!) but is the last thing i want near me during this nyc heatwave. but aaaanywayz, leave it to a shoe to resurrect my inspiration. i have yet to jump on the clog wagon (don't get me wrong, i love me a hasbeens and a no. 6 as much as the next girl, i just don't love the pricetag), but these swedish beauties (brought to my attention by my boss, the queen of clogs) might do me in. pretty, no?

Sunday, July 18, 2010


many, many years ago, when i was a wee young thing, prone to wearing flip flops with socks and posing particularly unladylike for photos [that's me on the left, obvz], i met an awesome girl [right] who, it turns out, would be a friend for life. there may be an entire country between us, but that don't stop the love. today is her birthday, and when she arrives in new york later this week we are going to celebrate like friends who have known each other nearly their entire lives should: with good food, good wine, and the very best company. happy birthday, jeanette!! i can't WAIT to see you.

Friday, July 16, 2010


man, if only my stitchery were advanced enough to capture the likeness of larry david so i could bite this embroidery. or if only the gal erin who made this masterpiece for one of the readymade bloggers were also MY friend and it was also MY birthday and she also made one for ME! it's fantasy friday around these parts, did nobody tell you? and since we're imagining, this piece would only be the first in a SERIES! and the next two would be based on these beauties:
and then i would have THREE awesome LD portraits to hang on my wall! ah, if wishes were pennies...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

made in dagenham.

i can't WAIT till this movie comes out. ladies makin' history is one of my favorite film subjects, espesh when they're doing it in beehives and hot pants. plus this jam's got sally hawkins (happy go lucky!) AND rosamund pike who i completely loved in an education (even though nobody talked about her awesomeness cause carey mulligan stole the show). just ignore the cheesy drop shadow on the title screens and instead nerd out on the spot-on costumes and girly greatness.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

in the bag.

i am a sucker for a well-constructed canvas bag. these beauties by LAYERxlayer (my other new brooklyn flea discovery! and no, i was not swayed by their RANDOM capital lettering though i DO love it) are my new faves. especially the summer tote below (which comes complete with an extra bag for farmers marketing!). it's totes a tote on a tote! ha! (sorry. my body may be back in real life but my brain's still on vacation.)

Monday, July 12, 2010

the happiest place on earth.

well, i'm back in new york and while my week in southern california was all kinds of awesome, there was one thing on my to-do list that just didn't get done: go to disneyland. does that seem weird? i can't help it, i'm kind of obsessed. as someone who grew up less than an hour from the magic kingdom, the iconic amusement park represents all the best parts of the first half of my life. my parents took me to disneyland before i even remember going to disneyland, and once a year my entire family spent an epic evening there (on firemens' night!)--aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, all running amok and hitting as many rides as we possibly could between getting our mouse ears embroidered and eating the most delicious fritters at that new-orleansesque restaurant by the pirates of the caribbean. i had my first kiss on the peoplemover when the peoplemover still existed (while scenes from tron flashed on the surrounding walls) and i watched the sun rise over the matterhorn after spending my high school grad night there. in other words, i fucking love the place and i just (barely) emerged from a black hole of vintage disneyland photo scouring on the internet. the 70s is my absolute favorite disney era and i couldn't help but post these gems from early in the decade. i wish i could say this is the last time i'll subject you to my disneyland fanaticism but that would be a LIE! so i won't.

images via here, here, here, and here

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

v to the acay.

how stoked am i that i bailed on nyc RIGHT before this "dangerously hot" unbearable heatwave i'm hearing about? VERY. after a weekend in san clemente with the crew (days on the beach, dinners on the grill, fireworks over the water, swilling wine during sunsets, life is gooood) i'm back in l.a. where it's 71 and sunny. aka rolled up jeans+three-quarter sleeve shirts+sandals weather, my favorite. i don't want this vacation to ever end. hope you guys had an amazing holiday weekend!

Friday, July 2, 2010

oh, yoko.

um, can we talk about this for a second?!

actually, i have no words. just love. love for the universe. and for yoko. and for her crazy tweets, like this gem: "Let's sing, dance and hug each other and bring in the most beautiful summer of 2010, and with it, a new world." amen yoks! also, where can i get a pair of leathuh shorts like the one she's rockin' in this amazing vid?? i love these lovebirds. and their freak flags. happy friday y'all.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

hold the phone.

i'm in LOVE with this outfit.

Monday, June 28, 2010

my new beau.

i found my new favorite paper prods gal, beau ideal, at the brooklyn flea this weekend. (which i got to scout with my interweb-turned-irl friend megan! luckily this discovery happened before our great margarita tour or i may not have recalled it.) this notebook is my new daydream/to-do list recorder and i'll be coming back for these as soon as i need a card (which is pretty much all the time and i should've just bought them on saturday. live and learn):

Thursday, June 24, 2010

ring of fire.

i pretty much wish bona drag was my closet/jewelry box but this little pinky ring caught my attention even more than the usual killer stuff they sell. all for the mountain gets all my love. as do these perfect red nails. someone's gettin' a mani this weekend!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


oy, unintended blogging break. i've got a handful of reasons why i haven't been around these parts of the tripledub lately (or any parts, really...i'm so behind on reading your fabulous blogs! i miss the internet!), but the biggest one has to do with this little lady right here. rashida jones. my girl crush of the century. i promise to tell you more later but in the guys watch parks and recreation, riiiiight?!? it's pure genius, if you didn't know. i highly suggest locking yourself up for a day or two with a takeout menu and a couple bottles of wine so you can just knock both seasons out, one episode after another. you won't be sorry. the laugh factor is easily equal to a pilates class or two if that makes you feel better. i can't get enough of those crazy pawnee cats. so, so good.

image by rodolfo martinez

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

birthdays + besties.

i feel extremely fortunate to have met my bff at the tender age of 12. we've been through everything together from slumber parties and sneak-outs to heartbreaks and happiness, from one coast to the other and all 3,000 miles in between. today is her birthday. and no, we don't look anything like birkin + bardot, but dang we got the same kinda love. happy birthday heather!! what would i do without you? xo.