Thursday, February 25, 2010

and liberty for all.

liberty for target's upcoming collection is what my summer dreams are made of. i can almost taste the sno-cones just looking at it! also, i need a crimper?

via refinery 29

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

bleak street.

man, you guys, i think winter is seriously getting to me. this dreary weather is a total drag! i need a little box of sunshine to keep in my dresser drawer for emergencies like these. but the next best thing is probably an enormous cup of hot chocolate topped with marshmallow clouds. luckily, i can get them right here.

image by nikole at forty-sixth at grace (almost too much loveliness to handle)

Friday, February 19, 2010

let's get lyrical.

time-suck alert! i don't know who this lukes beard designer dude is, but i love that his last name is beard and i love even more that he's motivated enough to create a super cool image inspired by a song lyric every. single. day. for a WHOLE year. my stunted attention span can barely comprehend it. but i will be happy to watch it happen!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

big bangs theory.

i'm getting a much needed haircut tomorrow and i think i'm gonna skip my usual side swoop and bite zooey's fringey bang action instead. i'm sure i'm subconsciously hoping that i'll also walk out of the salon with her porcelain skin, ice-blue eyes, and dreamy singing ability as well but that's never the case, is it? and just because one picture of zooey isn't enough, how bout this oldie but goodie below: zd + jgl in the cutest dance video evz.

image by ramona rosales

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

cherbourgian cutie.

oh dear creatures, you never disappoint. the s/s 10 collection from one of my favorite so-cal designers is all kinds of adorable, which, considering it's inspired by one of the prettiest, most vibrant, and beautifully wallpapered frenchie films ever, is really no surprise. i want those shorts in a bad way. mais, oui!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

happy valentime's!*

image by marchorowitz via 100 layer cake; *the origin of valentime's

Friday, February 12, 2010

eyebrow envy.

there is something strangely awesome about the funny feathery eyebrow (only 1!) the models at the erin wasson x RVCA show had. makes me kind of want one myself. (not to mention a crimper.)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

is it hot in here?

HEL-lo! have you guys SEEN the new lookbook from the lake & stars? holy crotchless tights, is it racy. and these are some of the tame shots (click here for the lot of 'em). when i first saw it i got a campy, russ meyers' vibe so i wasn't surprised to find out the photographer was inspired by 70s swedish porn. i mean, who isn't? (by photographer i mean tom hines who also shot one of my fave lookbooks from a/w 09...similar aesthetic, minus the butt cheeks, plus some hitchcockian flare.) i'm definitely feeling that tie-dye teddy. it's the hotness.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

golden touch.

my most favoritest shoes ever are quite possibly a pair of black sam edelman faux-snakeskin flats that i literally wore till they disintegrated (i left little pieces of them all over brooklyn, like a sad city girl's hopeless trail of bread crumbs!). most of the new collection from good ol' sam is pretty bleck, but these jazzy oxfords are SO meant for my feet.

winona forever.

oh, and johnny, you're not so bad either. if there is one photo that epitomizes the inner sanctum of my adolescent heart, i think it just might be this one. almost brings a tear to my eye. oh, 90s. you sure had your moments.

via my fave flickr of the day (serious goldmine.)

Monday, February 8, 2010

sunny days.

after all these snowy posts i decided i needed a chaser of sunshine so sessun it is! i first saw these over on mallory's blog and i've been daydreaming about these girls and these threads and these beautifully foreign streets ever since. after spending a super rad weekend road tripping with my ladies to vermont (apple cider donuts! ben & jerry's factory! coffee and croissants by the fire in the lodge's lobby! acres of untouched powder! haunted bridges! maple everything!), i'm now ready to start planning a trip somewhere warm, like the sessun lookbook. think they take reservations?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

snowbody cuter.

speaking of wintry climes, this saucy redhead in stockholm may have the cutest snow-style i've ever seen. i'm pretty sure i need this outfit, every single piece, from those studded gloves to the ripped tights to that awesome faux fur jacket to what may be the perfect black bag (virtual hi-fives to anyone who can tell me who makes it and where to get one of my own?!). of course, it's all topped off with that perfect jenny lewis-red mane. swoon.

via refinery 29

hey girl.

i was at heather's tonight, laying on her bed (after eating the most amazing pizza from roberta's), flipping through the new issue of new york (um, girls' night much?) when i came across this ridick photo of rg at sundance and HOW COME i didn't know he's in a new movie with michelle williams?? talk about an epic pairing. blue valentine, get goin' on that distribution already why dontcha. oh, and here's this, cause it's still hilarious.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


oh hello there, dainty adorable ring full of teeny tiny cuteness. wouldn't you like a new home on my finger? i thought so! if it weren't for this snowstorm, i'd be on my way to catbird right this instant to pick you up.

let's not get caught.

there are few things in life i like more than a road trip, but a road trip outfitted in lily+jae would be one of them. i always love this canadian line's lookbooks (not to mention the clothes!) and s/s 10 is no exception. i mean, those shorts are seriously smokin'. and how thelma and louise do these girls look? the photos totally remind me of the epic cross-country drive heather and i made from l.a. to nyc except our vintage oldsmobile was actually a scion, and we didn't have cute, portable, vintage luggage, we had packed the car to the very brim (getting anything out was like playing a giant game of jenga), and instead of a guitar i was lugging a laptop, but still! those puffy, cottonball clouds and hot miles of open road are the same in every desert: awesome.