Thursday, October 30, 2008

sweet tooth in action

this video is too cute not to post. bleeding vampire cupcakes? yes please. get the recipe here.

via etsy

playing hooky

i just had to post about this new mag, truant, from the gals of design for mankind and the shiny squirrel. the first issue of the art- and design-inspired travel guide is all about nyc and features insider city tips from one of my favorite artists and people, caroline hwang, and my current blogger crush joanna goddard. download it for $2 and get free luggage tags designed by the lovely samantha hahn, who contributed illustrations to the mag in addition to dishing on her fave new york spots. can't wait for issue #2!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

heavens to etsy!

i'm sooooo stoked to be this week's featured buyer on etsy! bust's holiday craftacular is just around the corner so to get the word out, the lovely folks at the internet's most awesome handmade marketplace let me pick some of my fave prods from craftacular vendors past. obvs, i had a ton of fun doing it and only wish i could have included more of the indie gals i heart. check my picks here.

thanks alison + etsy for the opportunity!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

sticky sweet

so many fresh-picked apples, so many delicious recipes to try! luckily, kelly over at eat make read, one of my favorite food blogs, has done the caramel apple legwork--just check these gorgeous specimens out. click here for kelly's adventures in caramel along with the recipe from chow that she obviously perfected. mmm, i can guarantee, my big bag o' suncrisps and braeburns have a wonderful life ahead of them.

photo by kelly via eatmakeread

Monday, October 27, 2008

the apple of my eye

sunday was the perfect day for apple pickin' so we headed off to jersey for a little farm action. harvest festival, whaaaat!
clear blue skies, juicy suncrisp apples, pumpkin patches, a wagon ride around the orchard, a million gorgeous colors in the trees
but the best part? fresh apple cider donuts. i polished off the whole bag by midnight (sorry caroline!). de-effing-lish.
man, i love fall. and apple pie, and apple cider, and apple crisp, and apple butter, and apple dumplings, and apple fritters, and, and, and...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

le ballon rouge

the quiet gray of today reminded me of one of my favorite films from when i was a kid, the red balloon. i haven't seen it since elementary school, but in second grade it was the rainy day recess-backup of choice, i must've watched it four or five times that one year alone.

i still remember sitting in the dark on that rough classroom carpeting, falling in love with paris to the hum of the projector, the startling flap of the film reel when the adventure was over.

it was a film of few words, but the imagery was so mesmerizing, the story so simple, it didn't need them. i'd love to get my hands on a copy now...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

girls say yes

a few clever gals in brooklyn, including the totally awesome anna bean (second from left), have put out an updated take on the anti-draft poster joan baez and her sisters posed for in 1968. seems like a harmless enough homage to some inspiring, outspoken women at a time when inspiring, outspoken women are crucial to getting a president into office who cares about our rights. but salon got wind of this lil' political tongue-in-cheek statement and surprisingly, it got everyone's panties in a bunch. luckily the gals over at jezebel seem to have a better sense of humor.

where i'll be tomorrow night...

the opening of fred flare's first storefront in brooklyn! and as if the cute overload of ff's prods weren't enough, my fave baked goods-totin' gals, sweet tooth of the tiger, will be on hand to satisfy all the sugar cravings in the house.

wanna know more about these sweet talkin' gals? check out the story i wrote by clicking the BUST link on their press page.

sweet tooth of the tiger photos by the ever lovely caroline sinders

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

all hallow's eve

i'm really bad at planning ahead, so the easier the halloween costume the better. and if i can pull it directly from my closet? golden. in the past that's meant a killer punky brewster getup and the best dead on margot tenenbaum next to gwenyth herself. this year? i'm going annie hall. it's just toooo easy.

barack the vote

love love love this print by cody hudson. if i had an extra two hundred bucks i might even buy one. then again, that's a lot of lattes.

via designsponge

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

dear to my heart

i recently had the pleasure of interviewing bianca benitez, the super sweet gal behind dear creatures. her line is brand new but already i love it. dresses, blouses, rompers--utterly charming, i want one of each. i got a sneak peek at the spring collection, just one more reason to wish for a fast winter! her pics, courtesy of photographer yudi echevarria, are absolutely dreamy.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

i + m 4-eva

this album. on repeat. music for a lazy sunday afternoon.

oooh yessss.