Wednesday, September 30, 2009

double the fun.

remember way back in the day when i spotted those sparkly louboutins at a photo shoot i was super stoked on but had to stay mum about? well, the time has come. in other words, the oct/nov issue has FINALLY hit stands and what can i say? MAEBY is on the COVER!! oh, yeah, and ellen page. but MAEBY!! just look at those freckles. they kill me. there's good stuff on the inside too, like the vivian girls rocking some serious nancy drew steez, a photo of my first ever completed embroidery project (thanks jenny hart!), and an interview with the most hilariously adorable duo, garfunkel & oates (wearing geronimo no less!!). i kind of want to read it again myself, and that's saying a lot, since i've practically got every word memorized. in fact, if you're a lazy reader, just call me up. i can totally narrate the stories by heart as you flip blithely through the pages. teamwork!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

an affair to remember.

my love affair with she-bible is a long and lusty one. it started with a crush and a screen-printed tee more years ago than i care to admit. we started getting serious when the juliet dress came into my life and i knew i was in it for the long haul as soon as i laid eyes on the marianne jumpsuit. my devotion has never wavered, but these pieces from their fall collection sure are rekindling the romance. oh, hellloooo there sienna dress, with your sexy peephole and 70s ruffle neck.
the fleetwood kaftan had me at organic cotton, and the earlywood skirt is just as cute and can be.

she-bible, i see you making eyes at me. and it's like we're falling in love, all over again.

Monday, September 28, 2009

fresh to death.

my new favorite show. in fact, sometimes i just have it on without actually watching it, cause it's sorta like having j.schwartz hang out in my living room. girl crush action from olivia thirlby and kristen wiig (and upcoming? parker posey!!!) puts it over the top on my obsess-o-meter. the fact that they film right near my hood (smooooch!!) is tempting my inner stalker. oh, p.s., theme song? coconut records of coooourse!

Friday, September 25, 2009

it's friday i'm in love.

images via le love

Thursday, September 24, 2009

party time, excellent.

oh, hey, it's a certain someone's BIRTHDAY! i see ice cream floats and farmer's feasts and lots of magic in our near future. caroline, your friendship means more to me than blackberry donuts (yeah, i said it.). let the celebration begin!

image via millie mott

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the mane event.

i got my hair cut tonight so before i lost those extra couple inches that make this look possible, i totally had to wang my hair today (see above). and you know what? i kind of loved that sassy, messy side braid. course i didn't have the lace-up leather shorts or corseted sweatshirt to go with it, but you know, i made do.

the biggest loser.

and by loser, i mean winner. as in, this shirt (from snoozer loser's fall collection) is the biggest winner. it's called the winona. and i wanted it before i even knew it had a name.
what's that? you think i need this paloma dress too? mm-hmm. you're absolutely right. snoozer loser, my next paycheck is dedicated to you.

Monday, September 21, 2009

bros, bangs, and bell bottoms.

i love it when you go see a band knowing next to nothing about them, and then they totally rock your face off. really, does that EVER happen? well it did to me, friday night. meet my new psych-rock crush: yura yura teikoku. this japanese trio has as much crazy talent as their crazy hair would suggest (guys with bangs are totes the new black. not sure how i feel about it). just peep this video below for an inkling of their ridonkulocity. what are they singing? i have no idea. but that doesn't stop the neon candy-colored hearts from pouring out of my ears for them.

image via hooverdust

Friday, September 18, 2009

coney couture.

i love carnivals, even the creepy ones (geek love, anyone?!). and i love the new s/s 10 line from lewis. definitely clothes for eating cotton candy in. the smattering of sunshine we've had today (take THAT fall!!) makes me wanna take a trip to coney island myself! i will stretch this summer to its absolute limits, just watch.

dames on frames.

finally catching up on the blogworld after my week of blissful internetlessness, and look who popped up on the sartorialist (spotted via milk) super awesome daily candy nyc editor! isn't she cute?! and speaking of lovely surprises, guess who popped up on the corner near my office when i was walking from the subway yesterday morning? i'll give you a hint: she's the petitest petite that ever petited. and irl? just as adorbz. if not more.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

lady be good.

ooh, fashion week. i just can't keep up with you! especially since i've worn little more than a bathing suit for the past eight days. but one glance at erin fetherston's s/s 10 collection ladyland, and i fell in love. i want it all, and then i want a couture tea party in the clouds to wear it to.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

back in black.

re-entering the real world after a week spent perfecting the art of lounging is kinda hard. like, real hard, actually. especially when your first day back at work involves a total entourage meltdown and the subsequent disappearance of all your emails. ever. (is mercury in retrograde, or WHAT?! omg, i just checked and it actually is! way to go stars, you are totally cramping my style.) thank goodness i've still got sand in my shoes and shells in my pocket or yesterday mighta killed me. but oooh was so cal lovely...from pool parties and homecooked meals on the patio to early morning boardwalk strolls and lazy days on the beach in the glorious sunshine, not to mention in-n-out, balboa bars, mani/pedis with grandma, and ferris bueller's day off at hollywood forever. vacation seriously rules. i hope your week had a touch of vacation, too.

image by frogylovesfoggyweather via sabino

Friday, September 4, 2009

vacation, all i ever wanted.

so this is gonna be my view for the next eight days. that's right, i'm headin' out west for some good ol' california sunshine. i may be posting but i may be too busy napping, reading, digging my toes in the sand, swimming in the ocean, riding bikes, eating ice cream, watching sunsets, not checking emails, and catching up with my awesome friends and family. who says summer's over??

image via audreyhepburncomplex

Thursday, September 3, 2009

shake your pom pom.

oh yokoo, how is it possible that a gigantic pompom somehow looks totally cute sitting atop your head? can you give me a hint? just a leeetle one?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

three-piece cute.

oooh daaaang, look who's fueling my suit obsession...geronimo!! jenny's second collection (i love that she went from one suit to another) is rife with blazer, vest, and shorts (emphasis on the short!) sets that are a little bit serious and a little bit sassy. best combo evz. i threw in one of her adorable dresses, too, for good measure. a gal can't be buttoned up all the time.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

su-su-su-sugar town.

i've had this song in my head since i saw (500) days of summer. and that was a loooong time ago. so i was stoked when my friend ali posted the vid on fb. man, nancy sinatra could really rock a bare midriff, huh? i love that her shrug has a bewitched sound effect and is she floating down to earth in the re/max logo? mabes? anyway. this video's cute and all, but what i REEEAAALLY flipped out about is this ye olde clip i found in the youtube timesuck sidebar. and i'm feelin' it for a number of reasons. 1. nancy was a brunette? that totally upends my notion of reality. 2. where can i get a crew of perky, white-trousered men to dance around me as i go about my business? and 3. THAT SUIT. it's decided. tuxedo jacket or not, i need a snappy suit in my life. and a pair of white brogues (or are they loafers? can't tell, don't care!).