Friday, May 28, 2010

dressed to impress.

i so want to be one of these adorable girls wearing one of these adorable dresses right now. red velvet art, you kill me with cuteness!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

oh, dear.

look what happened. i caved. i did it. my ability to perfect the art of timesuck is about to reach epic levels. do you guys hang out in this den of slack?? let me know so we can go down together! one tweet at a time.

'zine scene.

totes gonna spend a fiver on this awesome-looking 'zine from the always entertaining white lightning and her partner in 90s obsession, marissa meltzer. in the meantime, this pop-culture kiss roundup the ladies rated for TONY should tide me over. that kevin arnold/winnie cooper smooch? kind of a life-changer for my young, impressionable, hopelessly romantic self. don't mind if i do relive it.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

typewriter tip tip tip!*

a couple weeks ago i made a magical discovery at the brooklyn flea: brady & kowalski. these ladies hawk beautifully restored typewriters (i have a WEAKNESS) and can even repair the one you've got gathering dust in your closet (i have one of those, too!). then i got to write about their awesomeness for daily candy. bonus. new yorkers, check out their wares every other saturday at the brooklyn flea and non-new yorkers, stay tuned for their online store. i pretty much die for that pink royal in the photo. how many clickety-clackers is too many? i don't think one more leetle typewriter will hurt, do you?

*this song from the darjeeling limited soundtrack has been in my head since i pitched this story. i just had to share the pain. saaaahrry!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

match made in hollywood heaven.

this morning caroline alerted me to the fact that my dream movie couple is now actually a set of real life lovebirds. RG and MW...what took you so long?!? canoodling at cannes? best way to break the news. glam points to the mizzax. michelle, you live in the nabe. maybe i can borrow that dress sometime? and your hair?

who's got the cutest cards?

yellow owl workshop! (see that? what i did there? that terrible joke? i apologize. it's late. i looked at greeting cards all day.) but seriously, they do. i'm a sucker for paper products so the national stationery show is kinda like my own personal fantasy island. i braved the craptacular weather to hit up the javitz center today and get my fill of letterpress and screenprintedness and the goods from yellow owl were def some of my faves. especially the postcard sets which i know are not new but are still super awesome. and the kitteh with antlers! oh, and, pssst...word on the street is christine, the yellow owl magicmaker, has a book coming out this fall. is it too early to make a christmas list??

Friday, May 14, 2010

cause chloe in the hood is always hard.

ever wonder what it'd be like to hang with chloe in the east village, you know, just shootin' the breeze, shopping for bric-a-brac, and discussing the greatness that is patti smith? who hasn't?! well, wonder no longer. just watch this vid instead. you can practically taste veselka's pierogi and smell the vintageness of obscura and by the end you kinda feel like chloe's your friend. the sharing lipstick, having sleepovers, and shopping for sunglasses sort. or at least she totally would be if the stars aligned properly.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

what a stud.

i've been on the hunt for a pair of everyday earrings for far too long (i am so over poking through my nearly closed holes every time i want to accessorize from the neck up. that shit hurts!). when i saw this post of greedy girl's, i thought i'd found my perfect match. quotation marks?! in my EARS?!?! yesssssss. (side note: i love punctuation. i just do. for christmas my grandma gave me a necklace made from a typewriter key with a question mark on it. i thought she was insinuating that i was confused (i am!) but she said it was because as a journalist, i ask people questions for a living. aww, grandma, that's so cool!) but those studs are sold out (and were mabes too pricey to begin with?) so my search continues. i'm kinda digging these little bing bang cones.

but these deka ray beauts are nice too.

and i've long been a fan of lee hale's rose thorn earrings. though having something that sharp next to my face would probably make sleeping with them in hazardous. which is the entire point of everyday earrings. such a big decision for something so tiny!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

small is beautiful.

my buddy josh does some really amazing illustrations (these nyc street scenes are only my recent faves) and his genius will be on display tonight at theme magazine's "small is beautiful" diorama show. as a person of, ahem, diminutive stature (i am SO almost 5'2" it hurts), the show's theme is near and dear to my heart and of course, as i recently expressed, i love all things miniature (especially rhinos!). see you there new yorkers?

l.a. woman.

whew. extended weekend in so cal + prepping bust HQ for an office move = unintended blogging break! hope you guys have had a lovely week. man, you would not BELIEVE the weather in l.a. on saturday (unless, of course, you live there). breezy, sunshiney, glorious. i got a full uninterrupted day of bf hangout and we seriously made the most of it. after breakfast at home (stefan's perfecting the art of poaching eggs! i'm a lucky girl.) we hit the road to santa monica and got to ocean park just in time to see the living sisters play (mega band crush). after some lazing in the sun/ice cream cone eating we did a little shopping on la brea (american rag, you'll be the death of my credit score), got some thai food in the hood (los feliz) for dinner then had just enough time to pick up a pint of mission to marzipan to snack on while we watched betty white completely slay her snl appearance. that delicious dish sketch might be my fave of the whole damn season. know what the cherry on the muffin of my weekend was? seeing molly shannon at lax just before getting on my flight. i'm 50!! oh weekend, why did you have to end? ok, on to real posts. promise.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

message in a bottle.

i pretty much love all things miniature rhino (remember my gift guide? she did the embroidery!) so when i found out jessica, the lovely lady behind the stitches (and behind the typewriter in that pic up there), was setting up shop with a little letter writing service at homemade:brooklyn weekend before last, i arrived ready to type and spent the afternoon crafting teeny tiny typewritten letters which she mailed for me in teeny tiny bottles adorned with teeny tiny charms. it was all kinds of adorable and reminded me that, man, real mail RULES! don't you agree?? totally upping my letter-writing, care-packaging, card-sending quota, as of now.

Monday, May 3, 2010

beachy keen.

you've probably seen these elsewhere but i couldn't resist posting my own faves from wiksten's s/s photo shoot. the pieces are adorable, the gal sporting them is irresistible, the necklaces are awesome, and the scene smacks of summer, my tanline-loving, ice cream sandwich-eating, boardwalk bike-riding, sea-salty wave jumping all-time favorite season ever.