Wednesday, August 11, 2010

just dreamy.

my snoozer loser winona dress has been on heavy rotation this summer so i can't wait to add a few of their fall pieces to my wardrobe. i mean, these prints!!

and what about this necklace?!? it's epic.
this blouse might be my fave.
but i am a SUCKER for a jumpsuit. true story.
the best part about snoozer loser is that a couple of months ago i had the good fortune of interviewing sonia, the gal behind the line, and she is rad as rad can be (and by rad i mean she spends her weekends on a commune upstate, does a ton of the dying and printing herself, is super sweet, quick to laugh, and tends to send you home with gifts like a crazy bananas necklace that she took right off her own neck and put on mine. i died.). don't you love knowing your favorite outfits were made by someone with talented hands and a wonderful heart? yeah, me too.


Every Little Counts said...

i need that blue skirt... desperately! i've had my eye on her stuff for awhile now but i had no idea she does the dying and printing herself... and at a commune no less! sounds amazing and i totally want to go.

louise or valentine said...

im digging that blue skirt, i totes want it.

Lexie, Little Boat said...

ooo! my mom got me a snoozer loozer necklace for my birthday last year ... these pieces are so nice!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I've never wanted a jumpsuit until I saw that last one. For a print like that, though, I would take the jumpsuit plunge.

suzi johnson said...

Love the scissor top. Whimsical yet very sophisticated b/c of the sketch.

Hearing Aids said...

these pictures are awesome!
Thnaks for sharing

cailen ascher said...

LOVE the outfit with the red tights. so cute!


cashmeredreams said...

love love love the outfit with the leather pants! I do adore a statement necklace!

pearl - juegos de mario said...

I love the necklace and all clothes that you are showing here!

Anonymous said...

Love the red tights!

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