Thursday, October 23, 2008

where i'll be tomorrow night...

the opening of fred flare's first storefront in brooklyn! and as if the cute overload of ff's prods weren't enough, my fave baked goods-totin' gals, sweet tooth of the tiger, will be on hand to satisfy all the sugar cravings in the house.

wanna know more about these sweet talkin' gals? check out the story i wrote by clicking the BUST link on their press page.

sweet tooth of the tiger photos by the ever lovely caroline sinders


Hello Sweet Tooth said...

What up sweet lady? I found you! Now you know that I google "Sweet Tooth of the Tiger" like every day to see what gossip is being spread about our sweets! Thanks for the continuous shout outs! good to see you last night, xoxoxox T-money

lisa said...

girl, you keep making cookies like the one i stuffed my face with last night and i will ALWAYS be your biggest fan!