Sunday, October 26, 2008

le ballon rouge

the quiet gray of today reminded me of one of my favorite films from when i was a kid, the red balloon. i haven't seen it since elementary school, but in second grade it was the rainy day recess-backup of choice, i must've watched it four or five times that one year alone.

i still remember sitting in the dark on that rough classroom carpeting, falling in love with paris to the hum of the projector, the startling flap of the film reel when the adventure was over.

it was a film of few words, but the imagery was so mesmerizing, the story so simple, it didn't need them. i'd love to get my hands on a copy now...


cali said...

i love this movie! i remember watching it when we were at sellers and im pretty sure i cried a little bit! i saw it the other day at the library and thought about getting it to show my four year old but wasn't sure she would appreciate it the way i did when i was eight! thanks for the good memory!!!

Samantha said...

oh I just adore this book