Monday, November 24, 2008

coffee date.

yesterday i met up with kelly of eatmakeread for a cafe au lait and a lovely little chat. not only did she introduce me to a new place that i can't wait to try again (pictured above), but she sent me home with a stack of chocolate toffee cookies that sent my sweet tooth over the moon (pictured below).
i polished off two just on the walk back to my apartment, eek! i might just have to bake a batch of my own this weekend. nothing cures a turkey hangover like chocolate cookies, right? riiiight??

building on bond image from eater, ridiculously delish-looking cookie image from eatmakeread


Samantha said...

I'm in total agreement. Did you know that calories don't count one bit on Thanksgiving-New Years? It's fascinating I know, but it's been scientifically proven so don't worry. Sadly the two you just ate do count.

lisa said...

dang, that means the three i ate when i got home count too? oh well, i'm almost home free. phew!