Friday, December 12, 2008

cute band alert.

just a few days ago i was editing the music section for the feb/mar issue and read about the pains of being pure at heart. i thought, "ooooh, i neeeed this album." then, i go here to catch up with siri and find out that her best boy is in said cute band. and until i get my sticky fingers on said awesome-sounding album, i can just hit play on this adorable ear/eye candy of a video.

no need to explain how the universe works in cases like this cause my stylez for milez blog crush has the big bang theory all figured out. hey, i've got bangs too. cooooincideeeence?really. illegal levels of cuteness going on.

1 comment:

Roberta Jane said...

Love her outfit in the last picture! And oh how I wish my hair would grow faster!!!