Friday, February 6, 2009

oh, louise.

ok, just one more thing about the feb/mar issue. i'm so stoked i had the opportunity to interview the talented louise sturges about her crazy cool style (if i wasn't so sleepy i'd get off my ass and actually scan the page, but for now you'll have to know that this teeny-tiny pic is actually a really cool article). i've long been a fan of her blog, besosyfotos, so it was a pleasure to meet the lovely lady herself. lemme tell you, this gal is rad.

i dig her photos:

her paintings:
her threads:and her apartment, which not only has an amazing view but is full of mind-boggling vintage awesomeness (todd selby, are you listening?). it was hard to pick a photo to run in the mag so luckily you can see the outtakes here. (but can we talk about those yellow chloes for a sec?? i diiiieee.)

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samantha hahn said...

yes amazing umm..I'm super jealous of her legs...