Tuesday, February 24, 2009

singin' in the rain.

ok, i still haven't seen the woman with red boots, but thanks to the magic of netflix insta-play i was introduced to this little gem: les parapluies de cherbourg. how could i have gone so long without knowing its candy-colored, frenchie-phile, sing-song magnificence existed?? just feast your eyes on these stills and try not to fall in love with sweet tart umbrellas, wet cobblestone streets, a picture-perfect catherine deneuve, serenading frenchmen, and WHAT ABOUT THAT WALLPAPER!!!! dying.


lisa said...

i just watched this last night!!

holy wallpaper!

i definitely need to rethink my head to toe grey and black uniform after seeing that movie. pink! red! blue! green!

samantha hahn said...

hey crazy that you just posted about this. I just got it from netflicks....trying to find the time to watch!

lisa butterworth said...

lisa...i can't believe you just watched it too! we are totally psychically connected.

and samantha...find the time! you won't be sorry. so weird that you just got it as well! great minds, man. great minds.