Tuesday, April 21, 2009

gimme some sugar. (or agave, or whatevs.)

when it comes to sweets, y'all know i don't mess around. so who would guess that upon moving to new york, i'd fall completely under the spell of the lil' vegan bakery that could: babycakes. i go out of my way to swing by broome street for a lemon cupcake top or a hunk of banana chocolate chip bread or my i-will-seriously-fight-you-for-the-last-one fave, their chocolate chip cookie sandwich (pictured above, try not to lick the screen). so when i heard erin was coming out with a cookbook, i got way more excited than i should probably admit. i nabbed a preview (see my review in here) and have been salivating over her sweet secrets ever since. you'll definitely want to get a copy of your own when it comes out early next month, even if just for the adorable photo of superfan j.schwartz holding a crumb cake. in the meantime, peep the trailer below (since when do books have trailers? who cares, i love it!) and get ready to frost your ass off.

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teenfashionista said...

I lived in NYU's Broome St dorm last summer -- the most convenient walk imaginable to the magical land of frosting and cupcakes a.k.a. Babycakes.

Magnolia has nothing on Babycakes.