Thursday, April 16, 2009

in full bloom.

this adorable gal who i interviewed the other day (read it in the next ish!) alerted me to the magnificence that is iris apfel. a quick google image search made me realize i knew her look without knowing her name. but now i can't get enough of this woman. i mean, just LOOK at that outfit!! i'm speechless. that is one crazy-cool, classy lady. and what about this cuteness below? she and her hubby are a match made in vintage-frames heaven. you're killin' me, iris. killin' me!


Christina said...

oh i have recently just fallen in love with iris apfel too!! i based my whole bday party this year around her fabulous look.

white lightning said...

gah, it's too you missed the show they had at the met costume institute a few years ago - her entire wardrobE!! it was so sososo mindblowing and inspirational and CRAZY. from major designer pieces to inuit blankets as ponchos to flea market bangles covered in a million googly was one of the best things i've ever seen.