Monday, July 6, 2009

here comes the sun.

my dad's a brit so my epic love for the fab four (along with all things monty python and those chocolate oranges i get in my stocking every christmas) is practically genetic. he had all their albums on vinyl and i would hang out in his little art studio in the garage for hours, listening to that crackly goodness on his ancient record player.
thanks to my fave aussie mag frankie, i now know that it was 52 years ago today that the universe aligned and a 16-year-old john met a 15-year-old paul for the very first time at a party in liverpool. can you imagine what the world would be like if that hadn't happened? bloody awful.
i'm pretty partial to their maharishi-madness era (obvz), but these photos of the early years are are so cute i couldn't resist. and speaking of those amazing brits, r.i.p. mrs. slocombe.


Stella said...

It would've been bloody hell had fate not gone that way! :) BTW, my nephew has been singing their songs recently, like word for word, full song, and looks at me when I chime in and asks, "How do you know The Beatles?!?!" He just turned 5 years old.

Vanessa said...

I don't want to think of what the current state of music would be without them. I love all of their music but I think my favorite is As My Guitar Gently Weeps. Something about George Harrison's music is so lovely. He and John were the geniuses, in my opinion.

Vanessa said...

Yeah, so... I meant to write WHILE My Guitar Gently Weeps. You know what I mean :-)

Rebecca (Dog-Eared) said...

those photos are adorable :)

lisa butterworth said...

omg, stella, that is the BEST story. what a cool lil' nephew you've got!

vanessa, that is one of my faves (but i think i say that about all their songs!)

Erryn said...

love them, love them, love them!!!!
my dad is also a HUGE fan, i thank him so much for my awesome musical tastes hehe :)