Friday, July 31, 2009

shaka brahs.

growing up in so cal meant that the beach was just part of life: hours and hours of lounging in the sun, bonfires at night, the smell of the ocean as familiar as the scent of my bonnebell strawberry lip gloss. i even subscribed to surfer magazine all through junior high (nevermind the fact i've never been on a board and that maaaay have had more to do with my epic crush on kelly slater but whatevs). so, as a new yorker now, i am in serious need of some beach time. i mean, i already knew that (seeing as my toes have yet to hit the sand and we're half-way through summer!!), but catching mollusk's outdoor screening of dear & yonder last night totally sealed the deal.
this documentary about ladies of the ocean (mostly surfers but also an awe-inspiring sailboater and a super cool boardshaper and a weird but awesome segment about rad lady skaters that had nothing at all to do with water) will make you want to trade all your belongings for a coupla bikinis and maybe a pair of flip-flops. catch it if you can. ("learn to surf" officially added to "life" list.)
p.s. nothin' beats summer nights in new york. even when you're sporting a sexy sweat mustache and the humidity could just about kill you, they're still so rad. especially when outdoor movies, free beers, and nacho chulos are involved. in case you were wondering.


Orchid Grey said...

omg, I was OBSESSED with surfing in high school, never mind that I lived in farm town Maine, I just knew I was destined to be a lady of the waves! I can't wait to check this out, it looks amazing. Have you heard of photographer Joni Sternbach? Her latest project "Surfland" is amazing. (I wrote a review here: Thanks for posting this!

Pixiedustbaby said...

It must be so nice to have that life!
I live in a shitty little beach town on the coast of North Wales, UK and it really is crap.
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the beach - I'm down there most days. But nothing goes on here. No displays, events, get-togethers, beach parties, bonfires - nothing and it kinda makes it a bit sucky.
Living in New York sounds fantastic! I'm planning on going for a year sometime in my life. Maybe grab a few internship at some recording companies etc.
I'd almost say you were lucky but, well, what's luck these days, anyway?(:
Great post!

Much love and peace.

Petunia Face said...

I need to add another blog to my Google Reader like I need another oatmeal cookie (which is to say I rully rully do not) but I can't help it--I'm adding you pronto. I just fell through the black hole of the www and read and read and read your archives and dammit if you don't love the same things as I do!

p.s. I once saw Kelly Slater at the Quicksilver Pro France in Hossegor and yeah, he is THAT delicious in real life. And I grew up in SF, lived for years in the Outer Sunset, married my surfer bfriend turned surfer husband and have always loved the life of the surfer girl on the beach. Love the artwork on this particular post!