Thursday, July 15, 2010

made in dagenham.

i can't WAIT till this movie comes out. ladies makin' history is one of my favorite film subjects, espesh when they're doing it in beehives and hot pants. plus this jam's got sally hawkins (happy go lucky!) AND rosamund pike who i completely loved in an education (even though nobody talked about her awesomeness cause carey mulligan stole the show). just ignore the cheesy drop shadow on the title screens and instead nerd out on the spot-on costumes and girly greatness.


Jennifer said...

Oh man, I am a sucker for all these Brit-made period films. This looks so good! Do you know when it's being released in the US? I will so be there!

lisa butterworth said...

i know! the brits do the period pieces so much better than the u.s. it comes out at the end of november, so we have a long time to be excited for it. :)

Katie Ferguson Hetrick said...

Looks awesome Lisa! ...just started reading your blog. Love it! Now I'm subscribing because "You know I want to!"