Wednesday, January 14, 2009

i ain't gonna lie...

i TOTALLY want to rock this look.
big boots, big sweater, BIG hair? big love.
catherine deneuve, lookin' good. adding the woman with red boots to netflix queue noooow.

via refinery29


T-Bonz said...

I am about to brand myself as lame...but...that's ok. Am I remembering this wrong, or is the last frame is almost exactly what Carrie wears in one of the Sex and the City final episodes? The scene where she is telling old Russian guy about dinner with her new friends/fans.

there is the possibility that I could be wrong. a strong one. but I think I've got your number, Patricia Field.

T-Bonz said...

JUST found a photo..and I feel comfortable identifying this as the reference. Now I will make myself an official Nerd Patch and wear it with pride.