Tuesday, August 4, 2009

i wanna, anita.

speaking of anna sui, when i asked her who some of her style icons were, she mentioned anita pallenberg and i have to admit, i had know idea who she was talking about (embaaaaarrassing!). but after 10 seconds of internet sleuthing i wondered how on earth i COULDN'T have known of her! the model/actress/fashion designer pretty much dated the collective rolling stones, rocked a mini skirt like nobody's business, dabbled in black magic, and was a complete troublemaker in the 60s and 70s. obvs, a slight obsession ensued.
she had a thing for hats. and an arm for bangles.
is this suit beetlejuice 1.0 or WHAT. and i die for those boots.
leggy blonde.
so demure...such a farce!
of course i was thrilled when this page from RUSSH #18 popped up on ringo, have a banana! just the added dose of anita i needed.


Lauren said...

she's so lovely!

Pixiedustbaby said...

I LOVE Anita Pallenberg! She's been such an icon for me growing up. When I first cultured myself properly in the music field, I discovered her through the Rolling Stones and have been hooked ever since! Beyond stunning!

Amazing post! Thanks for allowing me the chance to hop and flail about such a great inspiration!