Wednesday, May 19, 2010

who's got the cutest cards?

yellow owl workshop! (see that? what i did there? that terrible joke? i apologize. it's late. i looked at greeting cards all day.) but seriously, they do. i'm a sucker for paper products so the national stationery show is kinda like my own personal fantasy island. i braved the craptacular weather to hit up the javitz center today and get my fill of letterpress and screenprintedness and the goods from yellow owl were def some of my faves. especially the postcard sets which i know are not new but are still super awesome. and the kitteh with antlers! oh, and, pssst...word on the street is christine, the yellow owl magicmaker, has a book coming out this fall. is it too early to make a christmas list??

1 comment:

caroline duke said...

i love white ink like that. plus, it's a cat with antlers. so, win.