Thursday, May 20, 2010

typewriter tip tip tip!*

a couple weeks ago i made a magical discovery at the brooklyn flea: brady & kowalski. these ladies hawk beautifully restored typewriters (i have a WEAKNESS) and can even repair the one you've got gathering dust in your closet (i have one of those, too!). then i got to write about their awesomeness for daily candy. bonus. new yorkers, check out their wares every other saturday at the brooklyn flea and non-new yorkers, stay tuned for their online store. i pretty much die for that pink royal in the photo. how many clickety-clackers is too many? i don't think one more leetle typewriter will hurt, do you?

*this song from the darjeeling limited soundtrack has been in my head since i pitched this story. i just had to share the pain. saaaahrry!


Caroline said...

damn you and your earworms!

hildegarde said...

understand your pain, that song is like glue, sticks with you loooooong after the movie ends!