Thursday, May 13, 2010

what a stud.

i've been on the hunt for a pair of everyday earrings for far too long (i am so over poking through my nearly closed holes every time i want to accessorize from the neck up. that shit hurts!). when i saw this post of greedy girl's, i thought i'd found my perfect match. quotation marks?! in my EARS?!?! yesssssss. (side note: i love punctuation. i just do. for christmas my grandma gave me a necklace made from a typewriter key with a question mark on it. i thought she was insinuating that i was confused (i am!) but she said it was because as a journalist, i ask people questions for a living. aww, grandma, that's so cool!) but those studs are sold out (and were mabes too pricey to begin with?) so my search continues. i'm kinda digging these little bing bang cones.

but these deka ray beauts are nice too.

and i've long been a fan of lee hale's rose thorn earrings. though having something that sharp next to my face would probably make sleeping with them in hazardous. which is the entire point of everyday earrings. such a big decision for something so tiny!


Erika F ~Tiptoe~ said...

i LOVE simple studs - they are my go-to earrings .. i always buy the long, dramatic one's, but end up never wearing them - these are great!!!


Sam and Livi said...

the second pair makes my heart happy!

Jeanette Watson said...

Everyday earrings are so needed. I picked up a pair of gold studs that look kind of like minus signs at Steved Alan almost two years ago. Haven't taken them out of my ears since.

Psychedelicsister said...

Those are fantastic!