Wednesday, June 9, 2010

guess who's coming to dinner.

i'm sure you guys read advanced style, right? the amazing blog that documents the super stylings of new york's silver-haired set? which means you know debra. one of the lovely women that often graces its pages, sharing her creativity and endless inspiration (or maybe you saw her in new york mag? rocking the most epic collar evs?). and if you're familiar with debra, then you certainly understand how extremely STOKED i was to attend a little dinner party she hosted on monday night. well, lemme tell you what. not only is debra a good-looking dresser, she's also a fabulous cook: i went back for seconds of her all vegetarian, all natural, all delicious spread. if you don't already know her, check out the vid below. it's simply a taste of her cool.*

*speaking of cool, i totally lost mine at the party when ari (the mastermind behind advanced style) introduced me to his friend maayan. him: "she writes for the blog and she designs a lingerie line." me: "oh, really? what's it called?" him (tres casual): "the lake and stars." !!! let's just say i went a little fangirl on her. i am SO not good at playing it cool.


Jennifer said...

You are one lucky girl! It must have been an incredible dinner party. I love Advanced Style and Debra is a true individual. On top of that, to meet the Lake and Stars designer?!? Fabulous!

caroline duke said...

oh my. i am way jealous of your life at this very second.