Tuesday, June 22, 2010


oy, unintended blogging break. i've got a handful of reasons why i haven't been around these parts of the tripledub lately (or any parts, really...i'm so behind on reading your fabulous blogs! i miss the internet!), but the biggest one has to do with this little lady right here. rashida jones. my girl crush of the century. i promise to tell you more later but in the meantime...you guys watch parks and recreation, riiiiight?!? it's pure genius, if you didn't know. i highly suggest locking yourself up for a day or two with a takeout menu and a couple bottles of wine so you can just knock both seasons out, one episode after another. you won't be sorry. the laugh factor is easily equal to a pilates class or two if that makes you feel better. i can't get enough of those crazy pawnee cats. so, so good.

image by rodolfo martinez


caroline duke said...

you can't just hang out with rashida jones and not tell us all about it. you just can't.

Jordan said...

I love parks and rec, never miss an episode- but I especially love Ms. Jones as that mean ol' bully Karen in Freaks and Geeks.

lisa butterworth said...

caroline! the one afternoon of hangout time seems so small and distant compared to the HOURS and HOURS and HOURS i spent crafting it into a 3,000 word story. but when it hits the stands i promise to spill deets. :)

and jordan...YES! i loved her in F&G! such a convincing mean girl.

mosey said...

i wholeheartedly agree! and it only gets funnier & funnier!