Sunday, March 1, 2009

true brew.

i am not a morning person but there is one thing that makes getting up totally ok: it starts with a c and ends with an offee. it's kinda sick how much i love that first sip. at home we french press gorilla's espresso-a-go-go but if it's a special day, or an especially bad day, i'll treat myself to a latte at joe by the office. and on the weekends, sometimes i'll brunch at the chulo simply because i'm craving a mug of their cafe de olla (hoollllaaaa!!!). its spicy sweetness is like heaven in a mug. which is why i kinda flipped when i saw kelly's post about mexican coffee cause i think it's pretty much the same thing. i'm willing to find out.

image via eatmakeread


Caroline said...

biggest dork on earth... hollllaaaa

kelly said...

woohoo! it is sooo delicious!