Tuesday, March 24, 2009

live long summer.

these amazing necklaces from lizzie fortunato are outfits in and of themselves. i want one of each. i already gushed about them over on maquette (where samantha was kind enough to have me guest blog while she's on a california adventure), but they're awesome enough to mention twice. i especially love the summer camp styling and each piece's seasonally appropriate name. just looking at the collection makes me think of fireflies, starry nights, bonfires, and bunk beds. though the chill outside is saying otherwise.


mosey said...

yeah, these are really beautiful

samantha hahn said...

thank you so much again for posting this Lisa. I love love love her necklaces. I looked at the online links for them and they were not available. I guess I will have to go to a non-cyber space shop. Let me know if you see the ones you posted for sale online. I looooooove them.