Thursday, March 5, 2009

neet 'n' greet.

i'm always stoked when a new issue of n.e.e.t. hits the internets and the latest edition is no exception. i love these photos by marie hochhaus. if the joys include confetti, cute girls, and colorful outifts i want to be full of them too.
these illustrations by kelly smith make me wish i was two-dimensional.

and these dreamy photos by 16-year-old eleanor hardwick make me wonder what i've been doing with my life.

click here for the full issue (and pay special attention to page 148 for an awesome illo by a certain someone). you can't beat my neet!

1 comment:

samantha hahn said...

you picked many of my favorites from the issue. It's a really great one right?!! Thanks for the mention tooo!