Monday, September 28, 2009

fresh to death.

my new favorite show. in fact, sometimes i just have it on without actually watching it, cause it's sorta like having j.schwartz hang out in my living room. girl crush action from olivia thirlby and kristen wiig (and upcoming? parker posey!!!) puts it over the top on my obsess-o-meter. the fact that they film right near my hood (smooooch!!) is tempting my inner stalker. oh, p.s., theme song? coconut records of coooourse!


A Beautiful Party said...

How am i just now finding out about this show?! darn cable that I don't have. I love Jason S. My best friend and I were pretending to be teen girls (ok we do that all the time) and making up our crush list and he was definitely on mine.
okay, embarrassing to admit that out loud. ( :
thanks for the heads up on this show.

Mallory said...

i love it as well.... as i love anything with jason schwartzman & his floppy brunette locks.

caroline duke said...

it is killing me that i am not getting to watch this! we got rid of hbo some months ago so i'm going to give it another two months, then we'll resubscribe and watch them all on demand. then cancel. ah, to be poor.

mon ami said...

hooray to sunday nights with jason!

I watched a little behind-the-scenes doc on HBO and of course loved hearing the actors talk about their characters, seeing the parts of Brooklyn where they shoot and watching a little on set tomfoolery. I had no idea it was based on the creators life.



Melissa said...

Hooray, I didn't know Parker Posey was scheduled to appear on this wonderful show!

Sasha said...

i'm a late comer to your blog and i'm so happy to hear you like bored to death! i work on it so - yay!!