Tuesday, September 15, 2009

back in black.

re-entering the real world after a week spent perfecting the art of lounging is kinda hard. like, real hard, actually. especially when your first day back at work involves a total entourage meltdown and the subsequent disappearance of all your emails. ever. (is mercury in retrograde, or WHAT?! omg, i just checked and it actually is! way to go stars, you are totally cramping my style.) thank goodness i've still got sand in my shoes and shells in my pocket or yesterday mighta killed me. but oooh was so cal lovely...from pool parties and homecooked meals on the patio to early morning boardwalk strolls and lazy days on the beach in the glorious sunshine, not to mention in-n-out, balboa bars, mani/pedis with grandma, and ferris bueller's day off at hollywood forever. vacation seriously rules. i hope your week had a touch of vacation, too.

image by frogylovesfoggyweather via sabino


Christine Chitnis said...

That is my greatest fear...losing all of my emails! Welcome back, it can only get better from here!

lisa butterworth said...

thanks christine! it's the worst! and i'm so glad you commented cause i lost your email addy too. if it's not too hard, will you email me your last few pitches? thanks lady.

Rebecca (Dog-Eared) said...

i spent the summer outside of san francisco, and i miss it a lot more than i thought i would! glad you had a nice vacation :)

mosey said...

he he, great blog post :)
makes me wanna vaca.