Tuesday, September 29, 2009

an affair to remember.

my love affair with she-bible is a long and lusty one. it started with a crush and a screen-printed tee more years ago than i care to admit. we started getting serious when the juliet dress came into my life and i knew i was in it for the long haul as soon as i laid eyes on the marianne jumpsuit. my devotion has never wavered, but these pieces from their fall collection sure are rekindling the romance. oh, hellloooo there sienna dress, with your sexy peephole and 70s ruffle neck.
the fleetwood kaftan had me at organic cotton, and the earlywood skirt is just as cute and can be.

she-bible, i see you making eyes at me. and it's like we're falling in love, all over again.


kimberly flower said...

love, love, love.

did you know that they have opened a store front in noe valley here in sf? they took over the space from church street apothecary (1767 Church street).

lisa butterworth said...

that is so cool! i love that spot, it's just down the street from my old apartment (sniff). definitely on my hit list the next time i'm in sf. thanks for the heads up!

Claire Elizabeth said...

oh, man. those are some dresses i could easily live in everyday. LOVE them.