Tuesday, January 5, 2010

dance all night.

there are some things i don't mind saying good-bye to (disrupted service on the L train, too-long bangs, the final days of winter), but mika miko is not one of them. all-girl bands (ok, ok, TRUE, their latest drummer was a dude but still) are way too rare and these awesome ladies have been rocking the rotary phone mic since they were just babes. when i found out they were playing their last shows, as in EVER, at the smell on dec. 31 and jan. 1, i think even my ipod shed a tear. so here's a little taste of mika miko*. in homage. in remembrance. in the hope that they will each go off and start another equally rad band in time for summer night bike rides, beach blanket bbqs, and dirty, sweaty dance parties.

*this candy-colored genius was directed by my uber-talented friend, lana kim! (she's kinda irresistable, you can see for yourself right here.)

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