Wednesday, February 24, 2010

bleak street.

man, you guys, i think winter is seriously getting to me. this dreary weather is a total drag! i need a little box of sunshine to keep in my dresser drawer for emergencies like these. but the next best thing is probably an enormous cup of hot chocolate topped with marshmallow clouds. luckily, i can get them right here.

image by nikole at forty-sixth at grace (almost too much loveliness to handle)


abby said...

these are so cute. i need em.

celebrittany said...

i so way totally completely agree! winter is just terrible. marshmallow clouds definitely look like they would help! how presh.

Hello Lindello said...

bbllaaagh winter. I know what you mean. Grey skies and cold weather can bring you down! Lucky for us we have simple and fun joys in life like these marshmallows. yum!