Thursday, February 4, 2010

snowbody cuter.

speaking of wintry climes, this saucy redhead in stockholm may have the cutest snow-style i've ever seen. i'm pretty sure i need this outfit, every single piece, from those studded gloves to the ripped tights to that awesome faux fur jacket to what may be the perfect black bag (virtual hi-fives to anyone who can tell me who makes it and where to get one of my own?!). of course, it's all topped off with that perfect jenny lewis-red mane. swoon.

via refinery 29


Rosie said...

i like your blog

Whimsy Being said...

She really knows how to rock the fur coat! I love her torn tights too..adds some edge to the look. =)

caroline duke said...

and she is so gorgeous with that hair, too!