Tuesday, February 2, 2010

let's not get caught.

there are few things in life i like more than a road trip, but a road trip outfitted in lily+jae would be one of them. i always love this canadian line's lookbooks (not to mention the clothes!) and s/s 10 is no exception. i mean, those shorts are seriously smokin'. and how thelma and louise do these girls look? the photos totally remind me of the epic cross-country drive heather and i made from l.a. to nyc except our vintage oldsmobile was actually a scion, and we didn't have cute, portable, vintage luggage, we had packed the car to the very brim (getting anything out was like playing a giant game of jenga), and instead of a guitar i was lugging a laptop, but still! those puffy, cottonball clouds and hot miles of open road are the same in every desert: awesome.


ave said...

this lookbook kind of reminds me of the awful/awesomeness of the movie "s. darko" (that superbly terrible sequel to donnie darko).

Roberta Jane said...

these pictures make me miss the sunny california dessert. (damn you portland rain!)

Rebecca (Dog-Eared) said...

oh my gosh, the back of that car is amazing. makes me regret my sensible altima..