Tuesday, March 2, 2010

hold me closer tiny wardrobe.*

amazing tights + old-school docs + patent oxfords + faux fur anything = my new favorite vintage shop.

*i've been wanting to bite that post title from kate ever since she wrote about making mini pies. also, is it weird that i think of her every time i hear that song now?? (which really has only happened twice, both over christmas vacay while i was in l.a. driving my parents' car and listening to classic rock radio. southern californians LOVE elton john!!)


Kate said...

It's pretty much the best thing on earth that you think of me when you hear that song. Now I'm going to think of YOU when I do! Actually, when I hear that song I can only sing "pies" instead of "dancer" now. Actually before it was "Tony Danza" because of that Friends episode.

ok, ramble. you're my hero.

louise or valentine said...

i love this girl who you've posted.
she's adorable.

kittycat said...

oh man i love everything in that first picture!

Stella said...

Super cute tights- all of 'em!
And now that song is playing in my head. :)

Rebecca (Dog-Eared) said...

MY GOD, those tights are awesome.