Tuesday, March 30, 2010

l.a. state of mind.

whew, sorry for the radio silence. i've been in l.a. working on a story/shoot with the amazing/aforementioned jeaneen (more on that later!), driving all over town gathering props, eating delicious dinners with the bf (little dom's!), and soaking up as much sun as possible. this lovely "welcome home" rainstorm i returned to this morning has me daydreaming about the so-cal sun, picnics in the park, and lounging poolside. the only thing that could make that better? this we are handsome bathing suit. summer, will you just get here already? geeeez.


Every Little Counts said...

welcome back!

sounds like a magical trip! you've got me aching for another photoshoot- it's been so long and it's my favorite part of my job. i have to get to work on that!

as for the weather- i too am wishing for warmer weather and sunshine. enough of this torrential rain already!


i covet their lion face suit.