Thursday, March 4, 2010

snow day!

it's true, most of the white stuff has melted by now, but this past weekend, brooklyn briefly became a magical, winter wonderland. on friday the flakes were so intense we even got the day off work! So what does a southern california girl do on her first official snow day evs (besides totally freak out from sheer and utter joy)? she hits the movies (crazy heart), the bakery (pumpkin whoopie pie), the coffee shop (maple latte) and the slopes, the slopes of prospect park that is! word to the wise: a plastic tray “borrowed” from mcdonald’s makes for some serious sledding action (see below). and here i thought i was over winter. this weekend, amidst flying snow balls, epic igloos, cozy DIY food adventures in, and multiple hot chocolates, i took it all back.
photos courtesy of caroline!


Vanessa said...

Hmm, I would take one of those pumpkin whoopie pies pretty much any day. But snow days ARE nice!

Every Little Counts said...

last week's storm was like pure magic. i was hoping for more snow, but seeing that it is almost 50 degrees today we might actually be onto spring... although that would be a good thing too :)

oh- i haven't been to park slope in awhile, but i think i definitely need to try that maple latte. sounds beyond delicious. and a pumpkin whoopie pie! i might just have to get over there today!