Tuesday, April 6, 2010

kate the great.

when i saw this tres adorable photo of kate over on her lovely blog hello lindello, i just had to repost it here cause it's too damn cute! i hate to admit it but i might be over the top knot? and my hair isn't long enough for a decent side braid which leaves me with the most boring coif ever. so i am totally feeling the headwrap vibe for the spring/summer months and i think this is the perfect way to do it. i'm not sure i can rock a turban, or a grey gardens-esque ensemble (though lord knows i may try), but this! this is awesomely accessible. thanks for the style spark kate!


kittycat said...

i love this picture - she is way too cute! and i love the headwrap also!!

xo tiffany

Hello Lindello said...

Thanks so much! I'm blushing.

On a second note- I REALLY want to try a turban wrap, but don't have enough guts yet...maybe that's my next step.

stephanie renee said...

aww, kate is so adorable! i wish i had cute bangs to pull this look off.

louise or valentine said...

my hair has gotten so long for me, ie just past my shoulders. maybe i should try this once summer rolls around instead of debating about shaving my head cos i can't handle the heat :(