Monday, April 5, 2010

ramona west is the best.

just a few spring outfit inspiration photos from one of my fave online vintage joints, ramona west. i seriously can't wait to rock a pair of platform sandals with some dainty little ankle socks. tiny dresses, rompers, tank tops, and short high-waisted skirts? that pretty much sums up my warm-weather wardrobe.


Evie said...

I adore the jean romper. And yes please to the platforms with socks!

louise or valentine said...

im digging this warm weather, but now i just need to find the perfect style of socks to wear with my sandals. it's hard b/c i realized all of my socks are super super wooly and warm. not exactly 70 degree weather approps.
oh wells.

lisa butterworth said...

caroline...i know! i'm on a major sock hunt. if you find some, please share!

m.fay said...

love the nude socks, so fun. the first dress is lovely, a must have i believe!


lauren carney said...

your blog is so incredibly wonderful.
i just adore the fashion posts!
There are so many trendy wendys splashed throughout the page!
love it.

thankyou for sharing the inspiration!