Thursday, May 7, 2009

california dreamin'

i'm heading out west for some hometown thrifting, real mexican food eating, family hangin', serious beaching, and more sunshine than i'll know what to do with. sweet, sweet so cal. i hope your weekend has a case of the awesome too.

image via let's explode's flickr


Roberta Jane said...

I think I will truly miss Mexican food when I move to Portland, it's just not the same outside of California. The weather has been warm... hope you have a good time. What is your hometown by the way? (I am also a So.Cal girl)

samantha hahn said...

have so much fun dear Lisa!!! Soak up some sun and eat some enchiladas for me.

lisa butterworth said...

thanks samantha! i've eaten my weight in enchiladas, a few of them were definitely in your honor.

and roberta jane, i grew up in glendora, a little city east of pasadena. do you know it? where are you from??