Wednesday, May 27, 2009


i think i've maybe mentioned my blog crush on the esteemed white lightning (maybe?), and though i don't know her personally, i have to admit that knowing she will no longer be in new york where i could possibly meet her and possibly get to know her personally, makes me kinda sad (and in a totally normal not stalkerish at all sort of way, i swear). not to mention that she'll no longer be writing about her adventures at the same bars/parties/vintagestores/whatever that i frequent myself, so there's a little vacuum in the meta-ness of my social existence. but the sense of loss has been momentarily alleviated by the fact that she's selling off some of her amazing wares to make the move easier. how bout you bookmark that shit? or don't. in case she puts something up that i can't live without. i don't want to have to fight you!

1 comment:

lisa tomiko said...

white lightning is totally my blogcrush too.

(i secretly hope i run into her some day.)

((not so secretly?))