Tuesday, May 19, 2009

the sui and lowdown.

i kind of adore anna sui, so it's a wonder i was able to form complete sentences when i got to MEET HER FACE TO FACE this morning!! i credit the double iced latte i downed just minutes before. luckily, she was totally nice (i get super bummed when i finally meet a hero of mine and their non-awesomeness dashes any dreams of future bffness). and adorable. and her new collection for target (gossip girl inspired!) pretty much rules. i can tell you who'll be stalking target.com at midnight on september 13 (me). i might even have to beg my mom to pick up anything she can at her suburban target when it hits since the ones around here will sell out before you can say omfg.


teenfashionista said...

Ahhhhh, so exciting for you! I, too, will be clicking refresh on Target as the clock strikes 12 on Sept 12/13.

kelly said...

whoa that so awesome! good idea about suburban Target!