Monday, May 4, 2009

oh annie, you're so fine.

i've got a serious girl crush on st. vincent. so when she walked in to weather up on friday, where i was happily sippin a fancypants cocktail (worth every penny of those nine dollars), i pretty much went weak in the knees. that little pixie is just as adorable in real life as i'd hoped, and i couldn't help but sneak continuous glances at her crazy puffball hair and covetable outfit which included a vintage scarf, a hi-waisted skirt, and perfectly worn-in granny boots. her new album, which you should absolutely get when it comes out tomorrow, is a dark, beautiful mess of melody and strings and swoon-worthy vocals. in the meantime, peep the video of the first single below. as far as i'm concerned you can close your eyes during the frames she's not in.

photo by sarah cass


Kelsey Foster said...

i love her too!!!

Kelsey Foster said...

i tried to email you, but it bounced back. :(

she is playing at union sq virgin tonight at 7, if you didn't already know! best part is that it is freeee!

lisa butterworth said...

oooh, kelsey, thanks for the heads up! xo