Tuesday, June 9, 2009

gimme that grass.

when my brother tells me to check out a band, i usually listen. somewhere along the line he got way cooler than me when it comes to good music (when did that happen?!?). so saturday night, i rode my bike into the city and caught grass widow at papabubble's first ever show (held in the basement of the candy store which ruled). lemme tell you what, these three ladies are awesome. experimental san francisco post punk + goosebump-inducing harmonies = yes. you can buy the lp here (did i mention they're on my brother's label?) or listen to some tracks here or check out the lil' movie below (made by grass widow's bassist) set to "lulu's lips". mesmerizing. speaking of my brother, pitchfork put up some videos of the show nodzzz played at market hotel awhile back (he's the drummer). an awesome way to kill some time, dancing around your computer or whatever. if you listen closely, you can hear him belching between songs. yeah, we're a classy fam.

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