Tuesday, June 2, 2009

house of style.

seriously. is this place for real?!? i think it fell right out of my fantasy life onto my computer screen. maybe i've been in new york for too long, but this "holiday" home in portugal is kind of blowing my mind. first of all, this is the most lounge-worthy couch i've ever seen. can you feel the breeze coming through that window? and the sunbeam warming your face?
the only reason i would get off it would be to take a nap in this most perfect bed.i want to eat every meal off of a colorful plate at this table in the cutest kitchen in the world.
and i'm pretty sure this porch was created with corona-sipping in mind. dreamiest dream home i ever dreamed of. commence "move to portugal" plan now.
images from marie claire maison on the style files via mint


kelly said...

i'm ready to move in.

sarathira sukiman said...

i can tell you really love this place, and nope, its not too obvious, haha.