Wednesday, June 24, 2009

lynn. for the win.

ok. i'll admit it. i'm a leeeetle bit obsessed. with lynn yaeger.

i mean, no one does cray-cray, raggedy-ann-on-crack, homeless goth-y chic like she does.
i saw her a couple days ago when i was getting off the L train, and every once in awhile i'll almost bump into her in whole foods (mabes union square is her hood??), but since i always stop dead in my tracks and just stare, that's never actually happened. i had kinda decided i wanted to be iris when i grew up, but lynn's winning my devotion. i think it's the bright pink blush dots?


caroline duke said...

you and i are going to grow up to be the same kind of old woman.

puglyfeet said...

I'm intrigued. Who is she???

lisa butterworth said...

she's a fashion writer who's kind of a staple in the scene here (i mean, she's hard to miss!). she'd been a reporter at the village voice for over 30 years (!!) till they just recently laid her off.