Wednesday, June 10, 2009

sophie king cute.

i first crushed on sarah sophie flicker when i spied her in rachel antonoff's fall 09 lookbook (the fact that i even noticed her when she was sharing page space with alia shawkat who holds my heart in her sassy little hands mean she must be extra special dy-no-mite!) so i was super stoked to see her interview on refinery today. she's a doll!

and besides, anyone who can list "filmmaker and trapeze artist" as occupations gets extra credit in my book. if only i could pull off her "psychedelic-meets-chorus girl style."
seriously. cute overload. (mental note: try actually styling hair so i can bite this perfectly tousled, fresh-off-my-bike-but-how-awesome-is-my-coif look she's got going on).

photos by kava gorna via refinery29


Ace said...

How! I mean HOW, do you bike in those shoes? Does she actually ride the bike? she looks too gorgeous to have ridden it. I always look like a sweaty mess after biking. Le sigh.

lisa butterworth said...

i know, right?!? plus i actually wear a helmet when i ride so i just get crazy sweat hair.

Ringo, have a banana! said...

I got to meet her for like a second at Alison's place the other day when they were shooting the photo for her Style Profile page (I was late and pretty much missed the whole shoot booooo!) and she was really super nice and REALLY SUPER tall. And gorgeous and stuff.

caroline duke said...

wow her hair! i want that soooo bad. why can't my hair do such things?