Monday, January 5, 2009

be mine.

i'll be the first to admit i often get a sad little case of the post-holiday blues. i miss the baking, the card-making, the shopping, wrapping, and decorating. so what do i do? look forward to the next holiday that involves one or more of these things: valentine's day. yeah, i know, it gets a bad rap, hallmark-holiday blah-di-blah. whatevs, i'm down to celebrate love with hearts and candy and all things pink and red. SO. i think fred flare's idea to have folks make handmade valentines which they'll sell on their site then donate all the profits is awesome. get the deets here, and start craftin'!
need some inspiration? pick up a copy of handmade hellos: fresh greeting card projects by first-rate crafters, compiled by the two lovely ladies behind one of my favorite stationery companies, hello! lucky.

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