Saturday, January 24, 2009

martha, martha, martha!!!

wow oh wow. on thursday, i was in the presence of a legend:
thanks to a friend of a friend, i got tix to martha stewart's afternoon taping and i'm not ashamed to admit that i was giddy as all get-out. i don't know when my utter adoration for martha started (stefan tells me repeatedly that i'm not her demographic), but i can tell you it only intensified when i found out she was a criminally minded bitch with a self-righteous attitude. martha is fo' real! she even made jail seem homey. i was accompanied by my lovely friend jenna, and as if being in the studio wasn't thrill enough, we got seated front and center. vip, bitches!!!!
the set was so damn perfect, just like you'd expect. what i wouldn't give to bake in her studio kitchen. 15 minutes, it'd be an epic mess.
and here she is, the lady herself. seriously, i was close enough to kick her in the shins (not that i would!!! i have no doubt that martha could take me dooooown).
at the end of the taping (which will air feb. 10...if you're watching, peep me in the audience next to the pastry chef!! i was probably as nervous as he was!!) she took questions from the crowd and i actually came away with an enlightening tip: you know those terrible salt stains defiling your favorite winter boots? white vinegar!! on a soft piece of cotton. takes it right out. martha, you're a genius. can we hang?